Cover Art:
Releasing a song is a lot of things, and one of those is cover art. A good song is only as good as the art used to represent it. Let's change the way people are seeing your music.

*Mix and Master: Involves INDIVIDUAL files (main vocal, adlibs, hook vocals; Separated).‚Äč


If you need a hit, you need a place to start. Choose your next project(s) from Aim High Records.
After ordering a regular lease, a high quality MP3 will be sent to your email (one tag in beginning of beat).
After ordering exclusive rights, a folder containing beat track outs will be sent to your email (one tag in the beginning of beat). 

*AHR Promotion carried out from @AimHighRecCeo and @_CarterRose
Cover Art
Mixing & Mastering
*Master: Mastering of SINGLE file, usually WAV or MP3

Making music is the easy part.
Aim High Records has built a following of over 50k on social media and would like to help you promote your music. We'll share your music with our audience, or you can choose the management plan for an extra
hand with your own following.

AHR Promo: 2 weeks, 20 tweets per day from AHR accounts
- Management: 2 weeks, 20 tweets per day. By selecting the management plan you give Aim High Records permission to work along side you, on a social media account of your choice. If you have further questions please email us

Today, quality is put first in the industry. If you have a song that you want to push to a greater scale, we will take care of your mix and master so you can feel confident with your sound.
Project files may be sent to (MP3, WAV accepted)

Terms & Agreements:
All sales regarding beats prohibits resale and/or altering of MP3 or WAV created by Aim High Records. Credit must be given to Aim High Records for production. 
Mixed and Mastered tracks can be used on radio, tapes, videos, and performances. Mix and Master credits Aim High Records. Some final masters will have a tag.
Promo is carried out on social media. Aim High Records cannot guarantee a numbered increase because we do not involve computer generated results. Results will vary pertaining to the content. YOUR ACCOUNT INFO WILL NOT BE USED OR DISTRIBUTED IN ANY WAY OTHER THAN INTENDED TO HELP YOU GROW YOUR ACCOUNT.
Cover Art must be credited to Aim High Records and will contain a gfx tag on ALL cover art. No resale of cover art permitted.

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Please contact for questions, comments, revisions, or concerns.