NEW BEATS (my songs coming soon)


(Co-CEO) (Rapper, Singer, Head Producer, Head Audio Engineer)

    Making music is something I easily see myself doing for the rest of my life. Chasing this dream has lead me to find many new strengths that I had never discovered before. It's truly amazing how big of an impact music can have on your life as a whole. Ever since a young age, my passion for music has been substantial.

My long-time girlfriend, future fiancé, aided me in developing a message to broadcast to the masses. Simply put, the message is to always 'Aim High'. To many times have there been fellow musicians, business owners, etc, who have given up on their dreams. We want to be the voice for the ones who've taken the path least chosen.

I truly enjoy the music we make as well as enjoy sharing these pieces of music with you. Stay tuned for many more updates from Aim High Records. Follow us as we proceed on this musical journey as a family.